"Storytelling through music"

Gypsinspire is a cultural concert with a goal to provide an extraordinary experience on World-class level.

It is a musical vision of a storyteller who believes in authenticity and in the values of her culture.


Our mission is to connect and inspire people through diverse music and inspirational stories.


Gypsinspire’s storyteller will inspire you with short stories between the music pieces about the history of the gypsy-fusion music styles born from the 17th century until today the 21st century. 


We will provide you an amazing performance representing the diverse

gypsy-fusion music styles on World-class level.


Gypsinspire would like to invite you to a musical roller coaster:

The concert will start with traditional Hungarian-Roma music. After that get carried away by the different fusional music styles inspired by gypsy rythms: Flamenco, Jazz-manouche, Pop music etc...


Gypsinspire’s soul and belief are that music is the ideal tool:


  • To help us as the human race to tell our dignity, sorrow, hope, and joy.

  • To allow us to hear one another, to invite each other to our own World.

  • To show that every story, every voice matters 

  • To be an example and encouragement for the new generation.

  • To celebrate and respect each other’s personal stories and cultures as a community.