The musicians of Gypsinspire are all descendant of related musical families.

The whole team is one big community of friends and family members.

Sárközy Lajos Jr.

Lajos Sárközy Jr. comes from a seven-generation family of Roma musicians. He started to play the violin at the age of 5 and when he became 15 years old, he already had his first album released, which is called “I am Only Fifteen”. He won the Junior Prima Prize in Hungary in 2014 and traveled the World with famous musicians such as Tony Lakatos, Tim Ries, Yoyo Mayer…

 Roland  Balogh


Roland is a World-class guitarist and composer. He received the Junior Prima Prize award in Hungary.

He also won the first prize at the Montreux Jazz competition and the at the Six String Theory competition. He has performed with famous musicians such as;  Lee Ritenour, Matthew Garrison, Will Kennedy, Melvin Lee Davis, Israel Varela.

 Zoltan  Balogh


Zoltan won the 3rd place on the Montreux Jazz Piano Competition. Zoltan is recognized worldwide for his outstanding technique of playing the piano. He is multitalented in performing different fusion-styles of music.

 Joseph  Bordas


Joseph is a drum-artist and an awarded-Music Teacher composer, member of the presidency of the Hungarian Jazz Association. He is the founder of the International DrumMania Camp and head of the Drum Department of the Rajkó-Talentum Conservatory.

 Joseph  Pluto


Joseph comes from a traditional musical family. He discovered at a very young age his talent for music. He has performed with famous musicians worldwide and is considered as the best bass-guitarist in Hungary.





Eva is a multitalented professional musician. She has graduated at the Liszt Ferenc University in Budapest, studying classical music. but she is talented in playing various of fusional music styles. She likes to mesmerize the audience with her beautiful voice and her unique style of playing the violin.