Meet Bettina

Be your best authentic self

Bettina Kállai 

Bettina comes from a Hungarian-Roma-musician family, growing up in Belgium where she worked as a Marketing Specialist in high-fashion companies.

Her multi-cultural identity has shaped her to be open-minded but she struggled to find her true self. 

Facing prejudices through her life’s path caused her to become insecure.

She overcame her insecurities through faith and self-acceptance. Her greatest weakness “being different” became her biggest strength.


Bettina likes to spread her own healing journey, which is believing that (self-) love can overcome any obstacle.

She became a motivational speaker to encourage people to accept themselves for who they really are.


She has settled in Budapest a few years ago because she wanted to spend more time with her family to explore her roots and her true identity.


Her family’s tradition is music since the 17th Century even upon today. She is descendant from great Roma musicians and composers (such as Bihari János) who have influenced the Hungarian musical history.


She believes that it is her mission to continue to represent her cultural dynasty by sharing Roma-fusion music and inspirational stories on an International level.


Therefore she is organizing the “GYPSINSPIRE” concerts.


Bettina believes that music is the ideal tool to connect people and to celebrate and respect each other’s personal stories and cultures as a community.